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23 September 2012 @ 09:02 pm
Hello! As you mostly should know by now, Jin and Meisa's baby was just recently born this twenty-third of September, and I really want to make something to congratulate the lovely couple. :3 As usual I don't want to do it alone--I like thinking of the entire fandom  as the little girl's unofficial god parents (LOL), and that we're gaining a new niece and that we're all fawning over. Thus, きらきら (Kirakira; Sparkling) Project was born and I want as much people as possible to participate, because it's for Jin's little girl AND THAT ITSELF SHOULD BE ENOUGH OF A REASON XD
  • What is it? Baby = Lullaby. I want the fandom to sing the baby a lullaby as a heartfelt form of congratulations to the couple. :] I found a very soothing rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that's just so precious, performed by The Piano Guys right here and this is our basis.
  • What do we need to do? This is your checklist. :]
                        1. Download THIS. This is the sample recording of what the song is going to sound. 
                        2. Record yourself singing the song the exact same way.
                                            a. Record with an acceptable microphone. The less excess noise, the better.
                                            b. Record along with the sample song playing, so we all can be in sync! :D This is
                                                important: we want to end up sounding like a choir. For that to be possible, we
                                                have to sing the song more or less the same way.
                                            c. Record along with the sample song, but plug in your headphones. :3 We don't want
                                                the song playing in the background and drowining your voice.
                                            d. Sing softly~ Though I trust everybody already knew that. XD But just in case--
                                                we're singing a lullaby to a baby. So try to moderate your voice.
                                            e. Save it in an mp3 format. If you are not able to do so, give me a heads up and I'll
                                                look into what I can do.
                                            f. What can I use to record? I use Audacity--it's free and easy to use. :] if not, you
                                               can use an app in your iPhone/iPad/android phone instead. :3
                        3. Send your recordings to ryotation@yahoo.com
                                            Link to Clip: (Or, attach it to the e-mail, clip must be labelled with your name,
                                                               IE. Nhixxie.mp3)
                        4. That's it! :D
  • When is the dead line? I would like to get this out as soon as possible, so I'm thinking a week from now, on September 30, 2012. Moved to October 6th~ This is subject to change, though. If you really want to participate and time constraints are getting on your ass, please do e-mail me so I can look into options. :3

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